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Established in 1969, Hampstead Bazaar is very proud to have introduced Laiza Adzer, a young designer from Scandinavia in those days, within its first collection of elegantly flowing susdi clothes.

To the many already familiar with the Hampstead Bazaar range, the principle of timeless elegance based on comfort and freedom of movement, it requires no introduction. For over 40 years Hampstead Bazaar clothes continue to speak for themselves: beautifully manufactured, naturally sourced and designed to follow the beautiful lines of woman’s natural form; unrestricted by the un-natural sizing so prevalent in contemporary fashion.
Often copied, but never equalled, many designers and collections have been inspired by our unique style over the years, have even been the subject of PhD’s and thesis and continue to bring stylish designs to all, working from the principle that every woman is beautiful and every woman deserves beautiful clothes