In the anticipatory excitement for summer, we often forget that it can get chilly. Summer days are filled with brow sweat and the sweet joy of vitamin D. The nights, on the other hand, can get a little nippy. This is an excellent opportunity to whip out a great scarf.

But the wonders of the accessory don’t end there. Chances are that you have been underestimating it and there are more ways to dress up in summer with a scarf than you might think.

ladies scarf

Alternative to a jacket on a chilly night

Wear a shawl instead of a blazer for a feminine fun flair.

This is an especially excellent option if you are attending a party in the evening. After all, a frumpy jacket or an over sized cardigan has the potential to ruin a beautiful summer outfit. Hampstead Bazaar clothing online boasts a wide selection of shawls that will warm you up at sundown or sunrise.

Wear it as a layer

Hampstead Summer Clothing

Even though you have a jacket, sometimes summer nights are just chilly. Wear a shawl or scarf over your coat for a cute layered look. This is an excellent option if you have a favourite go-to denim jacket. If not, you should get one – it’s a timeless classic that you’ll never want to throw out.

The key to layering is using as many light fabrics as possible. Take a look at Hampstead Bazaar shops or online if you’re looking for something light to layer your scarf with.

Ladies summer hats – tie a silk scarf around one! 

ladies wear

At Hampstead Bazaar we think that ladies summer hats are underrated. You don’t need a fancy event to wear one, especially if the sun is out!

If you happen to wear a ladies summer hat to an event, tie a silk scarf around the main head to add a fancy edge. Make sure that the silk scarf matches your outfit, though.

Check out the Hampstead Bazaar collection of hats if you don’t have one yet. It’s never too late to add a statement hat to your wardrobe.

Use it as a hair accessory

Silk scarves for women can be used for more than sheer warmth. It’s a great way to accessorise, too. If you’re having a bad hair day (we all have them) start using accessories more. Add a trendy barrette into your locks, or tie a scarf around a low ponytail.

If you have a cute short pixie cut, silk scarves for women can be used as a hairband. It will add a boho-chic feminine flair to your look. 

Tie it around your neck

This is the perfect season to wear a lovely linen summer dress with a scarf tied around your neck. We sell a lot of summer linen dresses at Hampstead Bazaar, particularly ones that are easy to accessorise.

Do it like the French do and fold your scarf into a thin strip, creating a mature necklace-like accessory. Alternatively, you can fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck, leaving a point at the bottom.