Hampstead Bazaar’s dedication to timeless and versatile clothing is no accident and has been a part of the brand’s ethos and design process for over decades. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from 1996 featuring designer Saf Khan who describes the importance of adaptable clothes and how the nomadic spirit has influenced his collections.

hampstead bazaar

23 years later and Saf Khan is drawing on the same inspiration in order to create garments and accessories for women that are at once timeless, versatile and stylish. That’s what sets Hampstead Bazaar apart from other women's clothes shops in Bath.

We believe that a brand should always cater to the people wearing or using its products, which is why we want to celebrate women who are free-spirited and hard-working, the women who use clothing as a way to express their personality and individuality but who also need clothing to be functional and retain value.

For those women, we’ve identified four truly timeless and versatile pieces from the Hampstead Bazaar collection, all of which are perfect for any occasion.

Kaftan Dresses hampstead dresses

Kaftan dresses are one of the best items to wear during transitional seasons, including days when the weather can't seem to make up its mind. Buy a kaftan dress online and you’ll quickly see how versatile it can be. Wear it on its own, with a jumper, or pull it on over a plain t-shirt for something slightly more edgy.

Kaftan dresses are also a great piece to invest in if you’re keen to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe. Most of us find it difficult to leave our respective fashion comfort zones, but this timeless and comfortable dress is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your next ensemble.

Browse through Hampstead Bazaar’s full collection to find the perfect kaftan dress online, whether it be a simple tan dress or a bright, patterned one.

Summer Day Dresses girls summer dress

It's hard to find dresses that are flattering but still comfortable enough to wear day-to-day. What’s more, it’s difficult to find a dress that isn’t too boxy or too form-fitting.

Fortunately, our designers understand the need for something that’s somewhere in the middle, something that’s modest but still stylish and versatile enough to wear day or night.

A maxi dress like the Julie Cotton or the Habiba Cotton is a timeless garment that you can wear to the office or running errands. With its smooth silhouette, it looks amazing on everybody shape and size, giving women plenty of room to move comfortably.

Ladies Summer Hats

ladies summer hat

Nothing adds to the flair of summer like a good collection of ladies summer hats. While summer hats are especially on-trend at the moment, the right summer hat could be a staple in your wardrobe for years and years to come. We recommend wearing one of your ladies summer hats with a maxi dress or even a pair of jeans.

Of course, it's a very versatile accessory meaning you can wear it casually or formally. June in particular offers a great excuse to wear your favourite summer hat, with Royal Ascot kicking off June 16.

Striped Tops ladies stripped tops

Striped tops will never go out of style, meaning every woman should have a flattering striped top hanging in their wardrobe. Our Bazaar Cotton top could be the striped shirt you’ve been searching for! You can’t go wrong with a boat neck or ¾ sleeves and this comfortable top pairs perfectly with jeans, dark or light trousers, and flowing skirts.