Choosing the right colour outfit for you can feel a little daunting, particularly if you find yourself living in muted palettes or black and white all the time. However, if you stick to the same colours forever, you could be missing out on some incredible looks that can transform your style and mood.


Therefore, we’ve put together a mini-guide of the best colours to choose for different skin tones, as with a little careful know-how, you can soon select amazing and interesting colours and prints that are as unique as you. And it all starts with a simple skin tone analysis. At our women’s clothes shop in Bath, we have a dedicated team to help you even further, too.


Dark skin tones

Dark-skinned ladies always look their best in colours on the warmer end of the spectrum in any shade, from pastels to bright and beautiful colours and rich, darker tones as well. Remember: warmer colours will bring out the warmness in your skin tone!

Dark-skinned women should try to avoid browns and blacks, plus colours towards the cooler end of the spectrum, such as blues, grey and silver. Why? Because if a colour is too close to your skin tone, it won’t flatter as much, and could even leave you looking a little washed out.

maroon collage


Medium skin tones

Girls and women with more medium skin should refrain from wearing browns, beiges, caramel, oranges and very pale pastels in any shade, as they will be too cool against your skin and therefore can bring out grey undertones.

Instead, you’ll want hues that bring out your skin’s warmer undertones - the opposite of the greying effect. We have a fantastic range of prints and shades available in our kaftan dress UK which is perfect for this. Shop now!

Blues are a great choice for this skin tone, too, from deep navy to royal blue. Dark, dusky pinks, or bright pink and raspberry pink are also strong choices. Reds, greens and purples are also good options - basically anything really rich is perfect for you.



Olive skin tones

Those with olive skin are in luck because they can pull off (pretty much) any colour! Olive skin tends to have yellow and brown undertones, so when you’re shopping for your linen trousers women or other favourite pieces, think of shades that will compliment these hues.

The best option for women with olive skin, however, is a beautiful and girlie pink. Bright pinks will bring out the gentle red undertones in your tanned skin, and will make you look as though you’ve just stepped off the plane!



Fair skin tones 

For those with fair skin, your garments are most flattering if they have either warm, peachy undertones or cool undertones.

If you’re fair-skinned and have warm undertones, earth-tones will look amazing on you. Consider any shade of brown, and any shade of green, from olive to field, emerald and melon. Ivory, navy and grey will also look fabulous on you as they compliment peachy undertones.

The brighter and lighter side of the red and orange spectrum - such as peach, apricot, light pink, rose pink or rose-red - will also work really well.

No matter what shade of skin you have, Hampstead Bazaar has clothes (and accessories!) that will make your feel and look great. Visit our women’s clothes shop in Bath are shop online to browse our collection.