Say what you want about the Brits, but one thing’s for sure is that we have a long history of world class fashion. From the heady days of the swinging sixties to the punchy patters cut every year for London Fashion Week, we attract designers from around the world. That isn’t to say that other countries don’t have their own unique styles, but the UK has produced some of the best designers, artists and photographers. Many celebrities and influential figures have flocked to the UK to buy UK made clothes such as those at Hampstead Bazaar and on catwalks and red carpets across the world, you can tell when they’ve found that British look.

As we all know from those grumbling mornings in front of the mirror, fashion is a case of trial, error and instinct. Put simply, it doesn’t come easy. That’s why we’ve collated some tips for the budding fashionista, all from the mouths of top British style icons.

Fashion with history

Clothing boutique London

When you’re in the UK, there’s no doubt that complimenting someone’s outfit will end in a story about an item of that clothing. Fashion is more than just a trip to the high street, it’s a statement of personality and a story to tell. With more than a millennium of history, British women have a lot to say about their clothes. Whether you’re shopping at a London fashion boutique or a woman’s clothes shop in Bath, you can’t help but shop through history.

Combining the masculine with the feminine

For that perfect blend of personality, the British love to mix sturdy jeans with feminine colours. The melding of moods will undoubtedly add that little extra toy our look. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Layering is everything in the UK

The UK is temperamental in its temperature. That’s why it’s best to try not to get caught out and layer yup for all occasions. With lighter clothes under your woollies, you can shift your style to suit the sunshine. Each time you peel a layer, make it count.

Wide leg trousers give an effortless glide

classical Palazzo trousers-CB-11

You can never go wrong with wide leg trousers. Whether it’s part of a more formal shirt and blazer combo or a dressed down denim look, wide leg trousers make an effortless statement with a touch of cool classiness. All ages get away with wide legged trousers, and there’s a style to suit every pair.

Floral patterns

The British have a long history of design ingenuity. Whether its William Morris wall prints or the vivid colours you see every year at London Fashion Week, the British really know how to create colours which complement each other. At Hampstead Bazaar, we have a wide range of summery, floral patterns which show off both vintage and modern vibes.

Bold colours

Bold colours are striking and make a statement. In the UK, you’ll find fashionistas wearing both palettes of bright yellows and oranges alongside subtler navies and cream colours. Whatever you opt for, there’s plenty of simple yet effective tones to really bring out your personality and help your outfit to shine.