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  • Top Picks from the Hampstead Bazaar Collection to Flatter Your Body Type

    If you struggle to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, shopping for clothes can be a nightmare. It can leave you feeling disinterested, dejected and low. Shopping shouldn't be that way though! Shopping for new clothes should be a chance for you to celebrate the way you look with clothes you look and feel great in.

    Hampstead Bazaar clothing online is designed for women of all body shapes and types and can be accessorised to flatter any figure.

    Here are some of our top picks to flatter your figure:

    1: Silk Kaftan Maxi-Dress




    With a range of colours to suit all skin tones and personal styles, our silk kaftan maxi dress is excellent for any figure.

    It's loose and floaty sleeves give a dainty, fairy-like look to your arms an

    d help you to look and feel more feminine. They also help to cover up your arms without making you feel too hot if this is an area of your body that you'd prefer to keep covered, whatever the reason.

    Its loose fit can hide your figure, but it can also accentuate and flatter your body shape if accessorised properly. Try adding a belt around your waist to give yourself an hourglass figure that comes in at the waist and floats down over the rest of your body. Accessorising a kaftan dress in this way helps to make the most of your figure by nipping you in where you're the slimmest and cascading gently down over your hips and tummy.

    2: Large Brim Hat


    We have a range of  ladies’ summer hats to suit your style. This wide-brimmed hat is a great way to flatter and soften your face shape and add an extra layer of class to any outfit. Its light colour and floral design make it the perfect summer hat while its large brim helps to keep the sun off your face to reduce the risk of sunburn.

    This hat is easy to dress up or down, making it a great pick for a more formal outdoor event and for relaxing poolside.

    3: Cashmere Vest

    blue vest

    The waterfall cut of this cashmere vest helps to soften your figure as it floats gracefully down your body. It can also be nipped in with a waist belt to create a layered look that highlights your waist to create an hourglass figure. Cashmere is a hugely flattering material and gives all women’s cashmere jumpers and vests a luxurious feeling that will help you feel even more confident.

    4: Vero Linen Trousers


    Our Vero linen trousers for women come in a range of pastel colours that fit into any spring/summer wardrobe. Their elasticated waist and tapered legs help to create a smart and trim look that's both classy and stylish. The tapering of the trousers helps to slim your legs, and the linen material helps to mask any area you may wish to keep covered. Having an elasticated waist will also help to flatter your body shape by pulling you in at your smallest point.

  • Top Tips for Wearing Linen This Summer

    Summer is so close we can almost taste it and here at Hampstead Bazaar, we’re excited to bring our summer clothes out from hibernation, especially linen.

    The Benefits of Linen Fabric

    If you’re a long-time fan of linen, this is probably your favourite season.

    Linen is an ideal fabric option for warm weather, meaning linen garments at Hampstead Bazaar are selling quickly this summer. This is because it is made out of natural materials, making it breathable to keep you feeling fresh in the sun.

    Linen has been a favourite for decades, especially in Europe. It used to be the most common fabric used to make shirts and sheets until the 19th century when cotton became mass-produced. While cotton is the cheaper option, linen is notoriously long-lasting and incredibly durable. It also happens to be one of those fabrics that keeps on coming back, summer after summer. The cuts might vary, but linen as a material is no doubt timeless.


    How to Wear Linen Pants

    Linen Pants

    Wearing linen pants can be a little tricky, especially if you want to look professional or elegant. But when there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Tuck a relaxed blouse into your linen trousers to dress them up a little. As most linen pants come in neutral colours, don’t be afraid to dabble in a colorful print or pattern. It can make your attire look more feminine while ensuring that you can move comfortably.

    How to Wear A Linen Top

    Linen Tops

    As linen tends to be a fabric that easily creases, avoid tucking your linen top into a pair of trousers.

    For a complete look, grab a pair of comfortable but flattering trousers from Hampstead Bazaar and add a piece of statement jewellery. This feminine flair will give you a boho-chic look you’ll want to wear over and over again.

    Can I wear a top-to-bottom linen look?

    Linen top to bottom

    Yes, of course you can!

    Do take into consideration that it wrinkles, though. So, when you sit down, ensure that your skirt, trousers or top isn’t scrunched up behind your back. This head-to-toe look is especially appealing for hostesses at outdoor events. The linen will keep you cool and you’re sure to receive compliments on your trendy but timeless look.

    Top tip: Always remember to check the labels on your linen garments to avoid damaging the material in the wash. As with all Hampstead Bazaar clothing online, you’ll be able to find details for garment care on the tag.0

  • Top Tips for Wearing a Scarf This Summer

    In the anticipatory excitement for summer, we often forget that it can get chilly. Summer days are filled with brow sweat and the sweet joy of vitamin D. The nights, on the other hand, can get a little nippy. This is an excellent opportunity to whip out a great scarf.

    But the wonders of the accessory don’t end there. Chances are that you have been underestimating it and there are more ways to dress up in summer with a scarf than you might think.

    ladies scarf

    Alternative to a jacket on a chilly night

    Wear a shawl instead of a blazer for a feminine fun flair.

    This is an especially excellent option if you are attending a party in the evening. After all, a frumpy jacket or an over sized cardigan has the potential to ruin a beautiful summer outfit. Hampstead Bazaar clothing online boasts a wide selection of shawls that will warm you up at sundown or sunrise.

    Wear it as a layer

    Hampstead Summer Clothing

    Even though you have a jacket, sometimes summer nights are just chilly. Wear a shawl or scarf over your coat for a cute layered look. This is an excellent option if you have a favourite go-to denim jacket. If not, you should get one – it’s a timeless classic that you’ll never want to throw out.

    The key to layering is using as many light fabrics as possible. Take a look at Hampstead Bazaar shops or online if you’re looking for something light to layer your scarf with.

    Ladies summer hats – tie a silk scarf around one! 

    ladies wear

    At Hampstead Bazaar we think that ladies summer hats are underrated. You don’t need a fancy event to wear one, especially if the sun is out!

    If you happen to wear a ladies summer hat to an event, tie a silk scarf around the main head to add a fancy edge. Make sure that the silk scarf matches your outfit, though.

    Check out the Hampstead Bazaar collection of hats if you don’t have one yet. It’s never too late to add a statement hat to your wardrobe.

    Use it as a hair accessory

    Silk scarves for women can be used for more than sheer warmth. It’s a great way to accessorise, too. If you’re having a bad hair day (we all have them) start using accessories more. Add a trendy barrette into your locks, or tie a scarf around a low ponytail.

    If you have a cute short pixie cut, silk scarves for women can be used as a hairband. It will add a boho-chic feminine flair to your look. 

    Tie it around your neck

    This is the perfect season to wear a lovely linen summer dress with a scarf tied around your neck. We sell a lot of summer linen dresses at Hampstead Bazaar, particularly ones that are easy to accessorise.

    Do it like the French do and fold your scarf into a thin strip, creating a mature necklace-like accessory. Alternatively, you can fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck, leaving a point at the bottom.

  • 5 Reasons Linen is the Fabric for Summer

    Finally…summer is here in full bloom meaning it’s time to put away your bulky jumpers and fleece socks and start unpacking your linen gems.

    Linen is by far the most adaptive fabric for the season, at least according to us at Hampstead Bazaar. It’ll wick away sweat when you’re too hot, it never goes out of style, you can dress it up or down and to top it all off, it’s a sustainable option.

    But let’s dig a little deeper and really investigate why linen is the perfect choice for summer clothing.



    You’ll Never Run Too Hot

    Linen is woven out of flax and therefore it is both light and durable. It is the best option for humid, warm weather.

    Take a look at Hampstead Bazaar clothing online for a large selection of linen garments – from tops to trousers – that will keep you cool even when it’s hot.

    It’s A Cute Feminine Boho-Chic Look

    Boho-Chic Look

    At Hampstead Bazaar we understand that it can be challenging to be comfortable in summer AND look like a million bucks. Sometimes it’s just easier to put on an old blouse and worn-out skirt.

    But with linen, you can be comfortable and look great. The silhouette of linen is always slightly relaxed as the fabric doesn’t stretch. So, is it cosy? Yes. Can it be worn in a feminine way? Of course! While the shape can look boxy, linen as a fabric is extremely flattering and, when worn with statement jewellery and in a fun print, you can easily achieve a feminine look that you’ll feel confident in.

    It’s A Timeless Summer Staple

    Linen pants have always been a summer staple.

    It’s a timeless, basic summer garment that you can match with current styles. Wrap tops are back on-trend, so if you’re feeling unsure as to how to style a pair of linen trousers, choose a contemporary piece like a wrap top and combine it with any kind of linen trousers for women.

    Linen Is An Environmentally Friendly Option

    LinenEvery small step towards an environmentally-friendly world counts. Fortunately, linen is made out of non-synthetic fibres.

    It’s all natural and as such, it can be broken down more quickly once disposed of. In addition to this, the natural fabric will last longer, meaning there’s no need to buy dozens of the same piece in the hope that you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

    Dress It Up or Down – No Problem

    Linen pants are a great option when poking around the house, running errands, or an evening out.

    They will allow you to move in comfort, just like a pair of joggers would. The main difference between linen trousers for women and joggers is that linen is effortlessly stylish.

    If you check out a store like Hampstead Bazaar clothing online, you’ll see that plenty of online retailers are offering waistbands that are elastic or have drawstrings. Who couldn’t get behind a trend like that?

  • The Timeless and Versatile Garments Every Woman Needs

    Hampstead Bazaar’s dedication to timeless and versatile clothing is no accident and has been a part of the brand’s ethos and design process for over decades. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from 1996 featuring designer Saf Khan who describes the importance of adaptable clothes and how the nomadic spirit has influenced his collections.

    hampstead bazaar

    23 years later and Saf Khan is drawing on the same inspiration in order to create garments and accessories for women that are at once timeless, versatile and stylish. That’s what sets Hampstead Bazaar apart from other women's clothes shops in Bath.

    We believe that a brand should always cater to the people wearing or using its products, which is why we want to celebrate women who are free-spirited and hard-working, the women who use clothing as a way to express their personality and individuality but who also need clothing to be functional and retain value.

    For those women, we’ve identified four truly timeless and versatile pieces from the Hampstead Bazaar collection, all of which are perfect for any occasion.

    Kaftan Dresses hampstead dresses

    Kaftan dresses are one of the best items to wear during transitional seasons, including days when the weather can't seem to make up its mind. Buy a kaftan dress online and you’ll quickly see how versatile it can be. Wear it on its own, with a jumper, or pull it on over a plain t-shirt for something slightly more edgy.

    Kaftan dresses are also a great piece to invest in if you’re keen to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe. Most of us find it difficult to leave our respective fashion comfort zones, but this timeless and comfortable dress is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your next ensemble.

    Browse through Hampstead Bazaar’s full collection to find the perfect kaftan dress online, whether it be a simple tan dress or a bright, patterned one.

    Summer Day Dresses girls summer dress

    It's hard to find dresses that are flattering but still comfortable enough to wear day-to-day. What’s more, it’s difficult to find a dress that isn’t too boxy or too form-fitting.

    Fortunately, our designers understand the need for something that’s somewhere in the middle, something that’s modest but still stylish and versatile enough to wear day or night.

    A maxi dress like the Julie Cotton or the Habiba Cotton is a timeless garment that you can wear to the office or running errands. With its smooth silhouette, it looks amazing on everybody shape and size, giving women plenty of room to move comfortably.

    Ladies Summer Hats

    ladies summer hat

    Nothing adds to the flair of summer like a good collection of ladies summer hats. While summer hats are especially on-trend at the moment, the right summer hat could be a staple in your wardrobe for years and years to come. We recommend wearing one of your ladies summer hats with a maxi dress or even a pair of jeans.

    Of course, it's a very versatile accessory meaning you can wear it casually or formally. June in particular offers a great excuse to wear your favourite summer hat, with Royal Ascot kicking off June 16.

    Striped Tops ladies stripped tops

    Striped tops will never go out of style, meaning every woman should have a flattering striped top hanging in their wardrobe. Our Bazaar Cotton top could be the striped shirt you’ve been searching for! You can’t go wrong with a boat neck or ¾ sleeves and this comfortable top pairs perfectly with jeans, dark or light trousers, and flowing skirts.

  • 10 Must Have Outfits from Hampstead Bazaar

    Hampstead Bazaar is well known for its luxurious womenswear and brings a plethora of styles to the marketplace. With so many seasonal options in our range, we thought that we’d give you a lowdown of some of the most popular combinations from our store. Whether you’re looking for linen women’s trousers or a flowing kaftan, we have everything you need for a great wardrobe and a varied selection of styles.

    Anis Cotton jacket and silk blouse

    cotton jacket

    Our straight cut open jacket is the perfect option for a smart casual spring. Paired with our wide range of silk blouses, our jacket offers up beautiful stitch detailed cuffs and long sleeves. With the neat neckline and open cut, there’s plenty of room to show off a shimmering silk blouses, which we offer in a tantalising range of soft and bright colours.

    CB12 Cotton Trousers Colouche Linen Top


    The combination of linen and cotton makes for a gorgeous outfit, whatever the style or colour palette you go for. With our loose fitting straight legged cotton trousers, you’ll find our soft linen tops to be the perfect match for a casual summer day out. With durable yet flexible cotton and beautiful colouche, our trouser-top combo is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Large Brim Hat

    oversized hat

    One accessory which is a must for the summer is our large brimmed hat. With flower details and a striking wide rim, this lavish hat has a textured thatched top and ensures a meticulous attention to detail which will add oodles of class to any outfit you wear.

    Trilby Hat

    trilby hat

    Our alluring and handcrafted trilby hat is a vintage throwback with modern class. It pairs effortlessly with almost all summer dresses and will undoubtedly add a unique yet simple flourish to any outfit you wear.

    Whilst it’s one of the most popular hats for women, our version brings a subtle mix of light browns and maroon stripes to the bowed detail.

    Leather belt

    leather belt

    Made from soft nappa leather, our wrap around belt comes in a variety of dark and deep colours. This means that there is always a style which works for you, and the elegant bow which ties off the belt will fit in with almost every outfit you might own.

    The belt is a perfect balance of subtle and sensual and is the ideal finishing touch for a casual or more formal outfit.

    Folded Viscose Dress

    floded dress

    Our folded viscose dress comes in two different floral patterns, giving you a choice between lighter and darker shades. With its tunic-like three quarter length, the folded viscose dress is one of the freest flowing yet curvaceous dresses in our range. With short, neat sleeves and decorative buttons, this dress goes perfectly with our trilby or large brimmed hat.

    Habiba Cotton Dress

    Medium in length, this shirt dress is a neat and tidy addition to any wardrobe. Perfect for the simple yet stylish classiness Hampstead Bazaar is best known for, the Habiba Cotton dress comes with bold styled buttons and a beautiful collar.

    Julie Cotton Dress

    This beautiful ruffled cowl necked dress is a three-quarter length cotton beauty which brings striped detail to its flowing nature. If you’re on the look out for a classy but casual addition to your summer dress wardrobe, the Julie Cotton dress is for you.

  • What to Expect from Our Cotton and Silk Collections This Spring

    Bringing lightweight comfort to womenswear, our cotton and silk ranges are some of the most luxurious on the market today. If you’re on the look out for great summer clothing, then Hampstead Bazaar are offering up a stellar collection of great womenswear, ensuring comfort and style in equal measure.

    If you’re new to our online store, we’ve collated a selection of just a few of our best cotton and silk ranges for you to get started. Happy shopping!


    cotton dress


    Cotton is one of the most popular clothing materials on the market today. Having been utilised for millennia, cotton is a natural fibre and, in its purest form, is made from 100 percent cellulose. With its durability and lightness, cotton is both comfortable and lightweight.


    silk dress

    Luxurious and light, silk is a fibre woven from the cocoons of a range of insect larvae. Shimmering in its aesthetics and light in weight, it is woven into fibres which have been used throughout the centuries for clothing and textiles. Silk’s lightweight and breathable nature makes it perfect for clothing during the summer months.

    CB12 Cotton Palazzo trousers

    palazzo trouser

    With an elasticated waste and straight cut style, these light and breezy cotton trousers come in a wide range of colour schemes including white and black striped, cream and brown striped and pastel colours such as reef water and pink quartz.

    These palazzo trousers are perfect for both summer lounging and long days out

    Yasmine silk Jacket

    silk jacket

    This light jacket is perfect for cool summer evenings.

    From floral and paisley pinks to a deep-sea blue, this 3-quarter length sleeved beauty comes with a sumptuous neckline and intricate stitch detailing on the pockets, making it one of the best smart casual jackets in the Hampstead Bazaar range. It’s flattering on a range of body types, is comfortable, and versatile. It’s a must-have this season!

    SHG63 Silk Tunic

    SHG63 Silk Tunic

    This loose-fitting tunic comes in a wide variety of colours, including reef water and taupe. The lose 3-quarter length sleeves give this tunic a breezy feel and will undoubtedly act as a staple in your summer wardrobe. If you are on the look out for a finely detailed and classy summer look, then the SHG63 tunic is for you.

    Austria Cotton Tunic

    cotton top

    Hanging low at the back, this is another sumptuous tunic finely stitched with elegance and allure. With its lightweight cotton comfort, this tunic is perfect for both formal and smart casual summer wear. There are a range of colours to choose from in our including black, white and black thin striped and reef water blue.

    Riviera Short Silk Dress

    If you’re looking for a stand-out item perfect for one for those summer garden parties, this Riviera Short Silk UK Kaftan Dress is one of the best dresses available. With its loose-fitting mid length hem, this dress has two small slits at the side, ensuring maximum comfort and coolness.

    Butterfly silk top

    butterfly top

    Made from some of the most prized silk there is, this glimmering top is light and luxurious. Butterfly silk top fits beautifully and is loose but still flattering. Available in a range of colours and patterns, this asymmetrical cut and short sleeved top will have you standing out at both casual and more formal events.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Cotton And Fabrics This Summer


    Cottons and fabrics are some of the most luxurious and light clothing you can find on the market today. Whether it be a light cotton UK kaftan dress or sumptuous linen trousers, Hampstead Bazaar boast an eclectic mix of styles and colours. Fabrics and cotton are enjoyed by millions across the world, and with its great value prices and flexible applications, we thought we’d explore what makes them so popular during the warmer months.

    What is cotton?

    With about 20 million tonnes created annually, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics on the market today. With a whole host of properties, cotton has been used for millennia as a source of clothing due to its ease of yarning and breathable nature. Both able to retain warmth and being lightweight, cotton is one of the best materials with which to make clothes.

    What is linen?

    linen dress

    Linen is one of the best materials with which to make clothes from due to its durability and its flexibility. With a history of being used to make bags and towels, linen has recently been utilised in clothing and can be found throughout the Hampstead Bazaar range. If you are on the look out for great linen clothing, then head over to our store today.

    Benefits of cotton

    cotton dress

    At Hampstead Bazaar we sell a lot of cotton clothing, especially in the summer. With the wide range on sale, it can be difficult to differentiate between clothing materials, and what exactly makes each one unique. Below you can find out everything you need to know about cotton clothing and the benefits of buying it.

    Light and comfortable

    Cotton is well known for its lightness and comfort of wearing. The soft fibres and tight yarn created through cotton gives it a unique feel which makes it durable and beautiful to wear. Cotton can also be utilised for thicker materials and therefore transferrable for all day wear, from morning into night time.


    From thick to thin and through thick and thin, cotton will get you through. Usable for both trousers and shirts, cotton has been one of the most popular materials in our range, offering up great value luxury and a broad colour palette.

    Benefits of linen


    Durable linen has quickly become one of the go-to materials to make our trousers from. With a range of smart to casual wears for your wardrobe, linen is great value and will keep you fashionable and comfortable throughout the day.

    Natural crinkle

    The light yet firm nature of linen means that it forms a natural crinkle in its material. This is great for a more rugged yet light trouser look and ensures that you are kept cool through the breathable material. This is why summer suits are often made of linen, giving you a chance to keep cool and look great at the same time.

    Dries quicker

    One aspect of linen which is often overlooked yet is functionally valuable is that it dries far quicker than other materials. Due to the looseness of the threads, this breathable fabric takes far less time to dry out and is therefore perfect for a day outdoors.

  • Best Fashion Trends for Women in Spring and Summer 2019

    Fashion is always evolving and living in the UK means that you’re constantly exposed to the latest trends in fashion and some of the most amazing designers in the world. That’s why shops like Hampstead Bazaar are committed to staying up-to-date on new styles. This is especially important in the spring and summer, when bulky winter clothes are replaced by lighter fabrics, brighter colours, and flattering cuts.

    If you’re on the lookout for some great buys this summer and are ready to update your wardrobe, check out our list of some of the hottest trends to watch this season.

    Maxi dresses

    Maxi Dress

    Maxi Dresses never go out of fashion which is why our women’s clothes shop in Bath is stocked with these comfortable and flattering frocks.

    Both sensual and light, the maxi dress accentuates your curves and ensures you’re able to move freely and stay cool during the sometimes sticky summer months. Whatever your style, there’ll be a maxi dress perfect for you.

    Oversized hats

    oversized hat

    From Ascot to garden barbeques, the oversized hat comes in a range of materials and patterns to suit all types of occasions, both formal and informal.

    Of course, hats were designed for a specific reason – to protect you from the sun. Oversized hats do just that and then some. They’re a statement piece that will earn you a lot of deserved attention.

    Floral prints

    floral prints

    Floral prints are very on-trend for both spring and summer. With a wide range of bold and subtle colours and patterns available, you can elevate looks for both work and play with beautiful and bright dresses and blouses. The patterns available at Hampstead Bazaar range from lilies to daisies and everything in between.

    Feeling daring? You could even try a pair of floral trousers!


    kaftan dress

    Kaftans are made for warmer climates and ooze classy coolness. In addition to be an attractive garment, they’re also incredibly comfortable with loose sleeves that slip on and off quickly and easily. unparalleled in comfort.

    Hampstead Bazaar stocks a range of patterns and shapes, which means you’ll almost certainly find a kaftan that matches your size and style aesthetic.

    Paisley print

    Paisley print

    Paisley has been all the rage since the 60’s and, while there are plenty of garments that have updated the classic print, it’s a vintage throwback that you just have to have in your closet. It’s incredibly diverse and you can find tunics, kaftans and dresses all available in a gorgeous paisley pattern.

    Best of all? Even though it’s a bold print, it’s incredibly versatile and goes with almost any style and occasion.

    Three quarter length trousers

    Both formal and informal, these smart-casual trousers are available in a number of materials, including linen, cotton and even luxurious silk. No matter which material you choose, you can be sure that the fit will be comfortable and breathable, perfect for a summer stroll.



    You can’t go wrong with sandals in summer or spring. They’re durable, breathable, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. What more could you ask for?

    Puffed shoulders

    Puffed or padded shoulders add a feminine touch to any outfit. This detail looks especially grat on lightweight blazers and blouses. This look is incredibly flattering and is great for both formal and informal occasions.


    palazzo trouser

    Whether linen or cotton, palazzo trousers are always a must for the summer. With a wide range of colours available, our palazzo Italian style trousers are some of the best on the market.

  • Introducing Hampstead Bazaar Bath

    London’s premium clothes shop for women of substance has spread its wings to the West Country.

    London’s Hampstead Bazaar has been treating women to the ultimate in comfort since 1969. With its flagship store located in the Marylebone area of West London, the shop has been at the height of fashion for 50 years now. With so much history behind it, the last few months has seen the shop expand online, now bringing many of its gorgeous clothes and accessories to customer across the country, not just London. With its expansion online, Hampstead Bazaar has opened a second shop for those living in the West of England. Located in the historic city of Bath, Hampstead Bazaar has quickly become one of Pulteney Bridge’s most celebrated clothes shops.

    Everything you need to know about Bath

    Nestled in the county of Somerset, Bath is the largest city in the area, and is located just under a hundred miles away from London. Adorned with a world heritage site title, the area has a long history dating back to the year 60 AD when the Romans built baths and places of worship near the River Avon. Here guests began to frequent the luxury spas and so a city formed around them. This resulted in the Bath we know today, one consisting of just under 89,000 residents and 11 miles of historic town. Bath is home to a wide range of luxury hot spas, museums, high street stores and historic sites of interest, also engaging in a vibrant artistic community and friendly locale, all drawing in 3.8 million tourist visits a year.

    Hampstead Bazaar in Bath

    What this all leads to is a buzzing high street ripe for the picking when it comes to women’s luxury fashion. Hampstead Bazaar, therefore, easily fits into the ethos and aesthetic of the beautiful city. Bath’s Hampstead Bazaar offers up much of what Marylebone’s store does but gives the added quaintness and character of the city. The spacious shop ensures that there is plenty of room for our expansive selection, and sits in a classic Palladian aesthetic, Bath stone building. Bath stone is famous for its distinctive golden-brown colour and adds to the rural feel of the shop. Although Hampstead Bazaar is very much London in name, it widens its style to be truly universal.

    Pulteney Bridge

    Pulteney bridge crosses the river Avon in historical town of bath, England

    Our Hampstead Bazaar Women’s clothes shop in Bath is in the Pulteney Bridge area of the city. This area is built around the famous bridge over the River Avon, and was built in 1774, leading to increased trade and therefore the establishing of a high street area. The area has shops built across each side of the bridge in the classic Palladian style, and has become a metropolitan hub for the city. Whilst alterations continued across both the shops and the bridge itself for the next century, the area has become a prime spot for traders, making for an idyllic environment for the branch of Hampstead Bazaar.

    What’s on offer at Hampstead Bazaar Bath?

    Hampstead Bazaar Bath

    Hampstead Bazaar Bath offers up a wide range of products for women, both in clothing and accessories. Whether it’s a formal summer hat, fit for both garden parties and weddings, or it’s a beautiful maxi dress for summer walks through Parade Gardens, the Bath Hampstead Bazaar outlet is every bit as good as its London forerunner.

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