Fashion is always evolving and living in the UK means that you’re constantly exposed to the latest trends in fashion and some of the most amazing designers in the world. That’s why shops like Hampstead Bazaar are committed to staying up-to-date on new styles. This is especially important in the spring and summer, when bulky winter clothes are replaced by lighter fabrics, brighter colours, and flattering cuts.

If you’re on the lookout for some great buys this summer and are ready to update your wardrobe, check out our list of some of the hottest trends to watch this season.

Maxi dresses

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses never go out of fashion which is why our women’s clothes shop in Bath is stocked with these comfortable and flattering frocks.

Both sensual and light, the maxi dress accentuates your curves and ensures you’re able to move freely and stay cool during the sometimes sticky summer months. Whatever your style, there’ll be a maxi dress perfect for you.

Oversized hats

oversized hat

From Ascot to garden barbeques, the oversized hat comes in a range of materials and patterns to suit all types of occasions, both formal and informal.

Of course, hats were designed for a specific reason – to protect you from the sun. Oversized hats do just that and then some. They’re a statement piece that will earn you a lot of deserved attention.

Floral prints

floral prints

Floral prints are very on-trend for both spring and summer. With a wide range of bold and subtle colours and patterns available, you can elevate looks for both work and play with beautiful and bright dresses and blouses. The patterns available at Hampstead Bazaar range from lilies to daisies and everything in between.

Feeling daring? You could even try a pair of floral trousers!


kaftan dress

Kaftans are made for warmer climates and ooze classy coolness. In addition to be an attractive garment, they’re also incredibly comfortable with loose sleeves that slip on and off quickly and easily. unparalleled in comfort.

Hampstead Bazaar stocks a range of patterns and shapes, which means you’ll almost certainly find a kaftan that matches your size and style aesthetic.

Paisley print

Paisley print

Paisley has been all the rage since the 60’s and, while there are plenty of garments that have updated the classic print, it’s a vintage throwback that you just have to have in your closet. It’s incredibly diverse and you can find tunics, kaftans and dresses all available in a gorgeous paisley pattern.

Best of all? Even though it’s a bold print, it’s incredibly versatile and goes with almost any style and occasion.

Three quarter length trousers

Both formal and informal, these smart-casual trousers are available in a number of materials, including linen, cotton and even luxurious silk. No matter which material you choose, you can be sure that the fit will be comfortable and breathable, perfect for a summer stroll.



You can’t go wrong with sandals in summer or spring. They’re durable, breathable, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. What more could you ask for?

Puffed shoulders

Puffed or padded shoulders add a feminine touch to any outfit. This detail looks especially grat on lightweight blazers and blouses. This look is incredibly flattering and is great for both formal and informal occasions.


palazzo trouser

Whether linen or cotton, palazzo trousers are always a must for the summer. With a wide range of colours available, our palazzo Italian style trousers are some of the best on the market.