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  • 4 Outfits That Can Transition From Day to Night

    More and more fashion lovers are looking for outfits that can work both during the day and night. After all, who wants to waste time going home getting changed when you have people to meet and places to see.

    That means versatility is key.

    Of course, these sorts of transitional outfits are also perfect for holidays, where you can only fit a few items in your luggage. To help you plan the ideal beach-to-bar or office-to-business-dinner outfits, we’ve put together this guide.

    After all, functionality is a part of our ethos and always has been.

    Here are our top four outfits available from Hampstead Bazaar clothes to get you started!


    1. A kaftan dress

    Our range of kaftan dresses are famous, and there’s a reason why! As well as being incredibly easy to wear and comfortable, they’re perfect for almost any occasion.

    Pair a plain kaftan dress with one of our silk scarves for women to go from relaxed to sophisticated and sleek in seconds.

    We have a range of different colours and prints on offer to suit all skin tones, shapes and styles, too!


    2. Linen trousers and lush outerwear 

    Linen trousers are a firm holiday favourite, so much so that many women are including these comfortable items in their everyday wear rotation.

    If you’d like to incorporate them into your eveningwear options, you’re in luck. Simply team a plain pant with dressy, sophisticated outerwear, such as our cashmere jumpers women’s, which are perfect for keeping you warm on those cool evenings.


    This is also a great modern choice to wear to occasions such as weddings and a day at the races, when worn with classic ladies summer hats, many of which can be found on our website and in-store in Bath. This is a great way to make a strong, seasonal statement with ease.


    3. A velvet blouse and dark bottoms

    If you’d like something a little more autumnal or wintery, why not experiment with warmer fabrics? Velvet is the ideal choice, because it’s so stylish, comfortable and chic, whilst being totally timeless.

    As well as a great range of velvet dresses, trousers, coats, jackets and blazers, we also have a host of lovely velvet blouses that look fabulous in the office or at the theatre, and everywhere in between. Wear them with something dark on the bottom for a truly chic finish that you’ll be comfortable in, all day and all night.


    4. A velvet coat or blazer with almost anything! 

    Sticking with the velvet theme, if you already have a host of dresses or skirts and tops, trousers and blouses etc. that you love wearing, why not invest in a beautiful piece of velvet outerwear? We have a number of truly stunning velvet blazers and coats that finish an outfit perfectly - instantly upgrading any look from day to night.

    Opt for a dark colour which will last you for many winters to come, and they also have a really festive, Christmassy feel which is great for the upcoming season, too!

    Ready to put together an outfit that will take you from day to night? Shop Hampstead

  • The Most Flattering Colours for Your Skin Tone

    Choosing the right colour outfit for you can feel a little daunting, particularly if you find yourself living in muted palettes or black and white all the time. However, if you stick to the same colours forever, you could be missing out on some incredible looks that can transform your style and mood.


    Therefore, we’ve put together a mini-guide of the best colours to choose for different skin tones, as with a little careful know-how, you can soon select amazing and interesting colours and prints that are as unique as you. And it all starts with a simple skin tone analysis. At our women’s clothes shop in Bath, we have a dedicated team to help you even further, too.


    Dark skin tones

    Dark-skinned ladies always look their best in colours on the warmer end of the spectrum in any shade, from pastels to bright and beautiful colours and rich, darker tones as well. Remember: warmer colours will bring out the warmness in your skin tone!

    Dark-skinned women should try to avoid browns and blacks, plus colours towards the cooler end of the spectrum, such as blues, grey and silver. Why? Because if a colour is too close to your skin tone, it won’t flatter as much, and could even leave you looking a little washed out.

    maroon collage


    Medium skin tones

    Girls and women with more medium skin should refrain from wearing browns, beiges, caramel, oranges and very pale pastels in any shade, as they will be too cool against your skin and therefore can bring out grey undertones.

    Instead, you’ll want hues that bring out your skin’s warmer undertones - the opposite of the greying effect. We have a fantastic range of prints and shades available in our kaftan dress UK which is perfect for this. Shop now!

    Blues are a great choice for this skin tone, too, from deep navy to royal blue. Dark, dusky pinks, or bright pink and raspberry pink are also strong choices. Reds, greens and purples are also good options - basically anything really rich is perfect for you.



    Olive skin tones

    Those with olive skin are in luck because they can pull off (pretty much) any colour! Olive skin tends to have yellow and brown undertones, so when you’re shopping for your linen trousers women or other favourite pieces, think of shades that will compliment these hues.

    The best option for women with olive skin, however, is a beautiful and girlie pink. Bright pinks will bring out the gentle red undertones in your tanned skin, and will make you look as though you’ve just stepped off the plane!



    Fair skin tones 

    For those with fair skin, your garments are most flattering if they have either warm, peachy undertones or cool undertones.

    If you’re fair-skinned and have warm undertones, earth-tones will look amazing on you. Consider any shade of brown, and any shade of green, from olive to field, emerald and melon. Ivory, navy and grey will also look fabulous on you as they compliment peachy undertones.

    The brighter and lighter side of the red and orange spectrum - such as peach, apricot, light pink, rose pink or rose-red - will also work really well.

    No matter what shade of skin you have, Hampstead Bazaar has clothes (and accessories!) that will make your feel and look great. Visit our women’s clothes shop in Bath are shop online to browse our collection.

  • How to Style a Kaftan Dress ?

    Kaftan dresses are incredibly versatile, comfortable and unexpectedly chic. So it’s perhaps no surprise that more and more women are seeing the potential of this summer beach wardrobe fashion staple for all year round wear. After all, if something truly is so stylish, why limit it to one occasion or setting?


    Choosing the right kaftan dress for you

    Taking a kaftan dress from the beach to a bar or restaurant can be an absolute doddle with a few simple tips. You need to choose the right style, pattern and material for your tastes and body shape.

    The easiest way to transform your kaftan look from day to night is by choosing a show-stopping printed style, many of which can be found on our site – Hampstead Bazaar clothing online.

    A printed rather than plain option can add an instant layer of glamour to your outfit, and you can finish the look with one of our ladies cashmere jumpers if you’re worried about feeling chilly during the evening.


    Tips for styling a kaftan dress

    • Opting for a brightly-coloured kaftan? Team it with a beautiful safari patterned matching head wrap or scarf.
    • Or, if you want to keep the glamorous boho vibes going from day to night, you could choose a straw hat instead.
    • Make sure you choose an appropriate length for your occasion. A medium-length kaftan is better suited for a day at the office, particularly when teamed up with a pair of leggings, while a shorter kaftan is a great choice for a casual day trip. A long kaftan can be worn at more formal functions, such as beach weddings or a cocktail party.
    • Cinch in your waist in your floaty kaftan dress by investing in a dark, chunky belt that you can utilise to show off your hourglass figure.
    • A silk or cotton kaftan top looks fabulous over palazzo trousers or shorts if you’re not a big fan of dresses, or want to keep your legs covered without compromising on style and comfort.
    • Finish the look with a chunky, statement necklace that compliments or contrasts the colours in your kaftan, for a bold, look-at-me feel.


    Don’t forget to keep the comfort going with well-chosen shoes. Kaftans look great with a range of shoes, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to dance the night away in flats or heels. Jewelled sandals with heels will help make a chic and pretty statement and will add a little slice of luxury to your outfit.

    • When choosing a bag to go with your outfit, you’ll want to opt for something a little smaller than you may usually go for. That’s because kaftans are floaty and large by design, so you’ll want to balance out the whole look by choosing a small clutch bag, instead of a bulky handbag. This can instantly take it up a few notches on the glamour scale!
    • Wearing your kaftan at the beach? Pair it with a pair of sandals and shades and you are beach ready! You’ll also be protected a little from the sun, too.

    Which kaftan dress from Hampstead Bazaar will you choose? Shop now both online and in-store in at your shop in Bath!



  • Style Guide: What to Wear to the Theatre

    There’s an extensive and marvellous history of people putting on their best clothes to go and see a show at the theatre. The first balcony of a traditional West End theatre in London is usually called the Dress Circle, after the stunning, impressive gowns worn by the opulent Victorian ladies who once sat there.

    However, these days, there’s no requirement for top hats and tails, satin or pearls. Although a fair few people do like to wear smart clothes for a visit to the theatre, feel free to wear whatever you feel relaxed in. And in the warm summer months, wearing light, comfy clothing is a real positive.

    We’ve chosen some of our favourite pieces from Hampstead Bazaar to help you put together the perfect, comfortable yet chic and showbiz look.


    A nice dress

    Shows at the theatre can be really long, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got something you’re happy to sit in for up to three hours. You’ll also want to make sure you’re not wearing material that will crease when you stand up after all that sitting, for your after-show drinks, too! Avoid wearing materials that may stick to the seat or leave you feeling too warm. It’s best to not wear leather and pleather clothing, especially in the hotter summer months.

    Our kaftan dress is a great choice and comes in two stunning different materials – cotton or silk. The silk option is featured in a range of unique prints, which ooze opulent glamour.


    An outer layer

    It can get a little chilly at the theatre, especially if you’re heading to a particularly old or big one, so it’s advised to take something to wrap around you to keep you at a nice temperature. Our range of women’s cashmere jumpers is ideal for this, as they will add sophistication to your look as well as warmth, something that’s harder to do with a chunkier knit. Why not opt for a contrasting colour to your dress, to add an extra layer of interest?

    Comfortable shoes

    If you’re heading to a theatre in London, you may well end up wandering the cobbled streets of the city, and this is pretty tough to do in high heels! Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a thicker heel or to skip heels altogether and go for flats. There are loads of glamorous flat shoes on the market now, which will help keep your outfit looking fabulous and fancy, as you last the evening on your feet with ease.


    Fancy accessories

    Carefully chosen accessories can easily transform your look from comfy and casual, to chic and fabulous. If you’re opting for a plain outfit, this can make choosing accessories a little easier, as you won’t have to worry as much about clashing patterns and prints. However, as a general rule, a nice thick chunky necklace, or a sophisticated and sleek scarf is great to dazzle up the top half of your body, drawing attention to your facial features.

    Now that you know what you can wear from Hampstead Bazaar to the theatre, the only thing left to do is choose a show. What West End production are you most excited to see?

  • How to Stand Out While Dressing Modestly

    Dressing modestly doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. In fact, many modest looks allow you to experiment with the latest trends and styles because fashion is - at its heart - all about experimenting. As long as you know and understand what dressing modestly means to you, you'll be able to find pieces that meet your standards at Hampstead Bazaar.


    Here's how you can stand out from the crowd without compromising on your modest fashion morals.


    1. Get in on the Over-Sized Trend

    Oversized silhouettes are all the rage when it comes to high fashion. From balloon sleeves to palazzo trousers, women's fashion is full of loose-fitting items that look amazing. A kaftan dress is also a great option as they usually have loose-fitting sleeves that help to keep you cool and give your outfit a soft and feminine feel without showing too much skin.

    linen trousers


    2. Wearing Tailored Trousers

    Flattering your figure doesn't mean you have to wear skinny jeans or trousers that look like a second skin. Instead, opt for tapered linen pants that create a slim leg without revealing too much about your body shape.

    They're flattering - not revealing.

    Linen is also an excellent material for helping you stay cool in the summer without having to reveal too much skin, so it has that as an extra modesty benefit.


    3. Accessorise

    Accessories can help to finish off any look. From statement necklaces and chunky bracelets to bold belts, Hampstead Bazaar stocks accessories to suit any style without taking away from your modesty. As long as your jewellery doesn't emphasise a low neckline, it can be a classy way to make a statement whilst dressing modestly.


    4. Layer Up

    Adding layers to your outfit is a great way to stay modest and stylish for a number of reasons. Not only will adding a jacket or an item from our range of women's wraps and shawls help to keep you warm when the weather grows chilly, but they'll also keep your back and shoulders covered so you don't have to worry about having too much skin on show.

    maroon dress

    5. Take Note of Measurements

    Measuring the length of your hemline and how long your neckline is really helps to keep your outfits modest.

    The dresses at Hampstead Bazaar are designed with modesty and style in mind with all of them being knee-length or longer. If you do go for a slightly shorter dress, you can still keep things modest and stylish by adding a statement sleeve, jacket, shawl or wrap and making sure your chest is covered. If the dress you like is long in length but has a lower neckline, you can put a vest top underneath to cover more of your chest. Using a wrap or shawl will also have the same effect.

    Having all these different fashion choices to hand means that you should never have to compromise on making a statement because you want to dress modestly.

  • Top Picks from the Hampstead Bazaar Collection to Flatter Your Body Type

    If you struggle to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, shopping for clothes can be a nightmare. It can leave you feeling disinterested, dejected and low. Shopping shouldn't be that way though! Shopping for new clothes should be a chance for you to celebrate the way you look with clothes you look and feel great in.

    Hampstead Bazaar clothing online is designed for women of all body shapes and types and can be accessorised to flatter any figure.

    Here are some of our top picks to flatter your figure:

    1: Silk Kaftan Maxi-Dress




    With a range of colours to suit all skin tones and personal styles, our silk kaftan maxi dress is excellent for any figure.

    It's loose and floaty sleeves give a dainty, fairy-like look to your arms an

    d help you to look and feel more feminine. They also help to cover up your arms without making you feel too hot if this is an area of your body that you'd prefer to keep covered, whatever the reason.

    Its loose fit can hide your figure, but it can also accentuate and flatter your body shape if accessorised properly. Try adding a belt around your waist to give yourself an hourglass figure that comes in at the waist and floats down over the rest of your body. Accessorising a kaftan dress in this way helps to make the most of your figure by nipping you in where you're the slimmest and cascading gently down over your hips and tummy.

    2: Large Brim Hat


    We have a range of  ladies’ summer hats to suit your style. This wide-brimmed hat is a great way to flatter and soften your face shape and add an extra layer of class to any outfit. Its light colour and floral design make it the perfect summer hat while its large brim helps to keep the sun off your face to reduce the risk of sunburn.

    This hat is easy to dress up or down, making it a great pick for a more formal outdoor event and for relaxing poolside.

    3: Cashmere Vest

    blue vest

    The waterfall cut of this cashmere vest helps to soften your figure as it floats gracefully down your body. It can also be nipped in with a waist belt to create a layered look that highlights your waist to create an hourglass figure. Cashmere is a hugely flattering material and gives all women’s cashmere jumpers and vests a luxurious feeling that will help you feel even more confident.

    4: Vero Linen Trousers


    Our Vero linen trousers for women come in a range of pastel colours that fit into any spring/summer wardrobe. Their elasticated waist and tapered legs help to create a smart and trim look that's both classy and stylish. The tapering of the trousers helps to slim your legs, and the linen material helps to mask any area you may wish to keep covered. Having an elasticated waist will also help to flatter your body shape by pulling you in at your smallest point.

  • Top Tips for Dressing to Impress as a Wedding Guest

    Deciding what to wear as a guest to a wedding can be a minefield. Is the colour right? Is the outfit classy enough? Is it appropriate? With all these questions and concerns, it can be hard to know whether you're on the right track with your wedding guest outfit. To help you out, here are some top tips from our team at Hampstead Bazaar.


    Check the Invite for Information

    In some cases, the happy couple may leave a dress code note on their invites. This way, you'll know whether to dress suitably. A dress code may be:

    • semi-casual
    • cocktail
    • black-tie
    • beach formal.

    If they haven't given you a dress code, you can still gather information about what might be suitable from the invite. Looking at the location of the wedding is a huge help. If it's in a religious building, you'll need to make sure that your outfit is modest and adheres to the rules of that religion.

    Hampstead Bazaar specialises in stylish and modest clothing so we can help you find the right outfit in no time.

    The invite might also give clues as to whether the wedding will be indoors or outdoors - remember this will affect your outfit choice too. If you're going to be outside, you might need something to keep yourself warm like one of our ladies’ cashmere cardigans, silk scarves for women, or shawls.

    Don't Wear New Shoes

    The last thing you want is to be hobbling about because your shoes have pinched your feet and given you blisters. Make sure you chose a pair that you know and trust so you can dance at the reception with confidence.

    Pick Something You Feel Comfortable In

    It seems obvious, but if you're uncomfortable in your outfit, people will notice, and you won't be giving off the impression you'd like. Instead, find something that you feel comfortable in and are going to be able to relax and enjoy the day in.  Hampstead Bazaar's dresses mean that you'll have plenty of choices and are bound to find something that makes you feel incredible.

    scarf black and pink


    Finishing off your outfit with some of our jewellery, silk scarves for women or one of our bespoke hats is a fantastic way to give your look a little extra oomph. These smaller touches can bring an outfit together and help you to feel confident and feminine.

    Bring a pair of Flats

    Even if you're comfortable in high heels and feel confident that your feet will last all day in them, it's probably a good idea to take some flats or sandals - just in case. The chances are there'll be a lot of standing around and a lot of dancing, so you need to have that option to give your feet a bit of a break without having to dirty your feet and risk having bare feet stepped on. Your feet will certainly thank you for it by the end of the night!

  • Top 3 Occasions to Wear a Bespoke Hat

    Finding a stylish hat on the high street is no easy feat, and it certainly isn't easy to find something that matches your exact style. That's why, at Hampstead Bazaar, we offer bespoke hat making services to help you create the hat of your dreams. Having your hat made to measure ensures you'll get something that not only fits you perfectly, but finishes off your look exactly how you'd want it to.

    Here are some of the best occasions to take the opportunity to treat yourself to a bespoke hat.

    1: A Wedding


    If a friend or relative is getting married, you want to make an impression with your outfit, and a bespoke hat or fascinator is one of the best ways to do this.

    We all remember the great hats from recent Royal Weddings, and having yours handmade from scratch is a great way to ensure everyone remembers yours too. Whether you're looking for a delicate fascinator or something a little more alternative, the team at our women's clothes shop in Bath will help you design and create the hat you're envisaging.  Let us know the colours in your outfit, the cut and the style you're going for, and we'll use all this information to create the perfect hat for your occasion.

    2: A Day at the Races


    With its links to Ascott and the royal family, horse racing has become a glamorous occasion that cries out for a bespoke hat. To get the best racing experience, aim to go in the summer so you have a better chance of experiencing good weather.

    Petula Duvigneau knows what it takes to make ladies summer hats that are both practical and stylish so that you can spend a day in the sun, having a few drinks and watching the horse racing while looking incredible. If you're unsure of what type of hat is suitable for the races, take some inspiration from Royal Ascott and let us know what your favourite looks are.

    If you already have an outfit in mind, we'll use this to create a hat that will add the finishing touches to your look. If not, we can create a hat that suits your tastes and personality so you can build your race day look around a central focal point. Of course, there are plenty of hats in-store and online that are perfect for the occasion. Shop now!

    3: On a Summer Holiday


    On a summer holiday, a bespoke hat can not only look great but could also protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. There are many different ladies summer hat styles to choose from, but styles like the wide brim fedora hat are ideal for sunny weather.

    The wide brim not only looks elegant and at the height of fashion, but it also provides extra coverage from the sun and protects your shoulders and face from becoming sunburnt. Whether you're planning to lounge by the pool or explore the streets around your hotel, do so in style with a hat that's been handmade to your taste.

  • Top Tips for Wearing Linen This Summer

    Summer is so close we can almost taste it and here at Hampstead Bazaar, we’re excited to bring our summer clothes out from hibernation, especially linen.

    The Benefits of Linen Fabric

    If you’re a long-time fan of linen, this is probably your favourite season.

    Linen is an ideal fabric option for warm weather, meaning linen garments at Hampstead Bazaar are selling quickly this summer. This is because it is made out of natural materials, making it breathable to keep you feeling fresh in the sun.

    Linen has been a favourite for decades, especially in Europe. It used to be the most common fabric used to make shirts and sheets until the 19th century when cotton became mass-produced. While cotton is the cheaper option, linen is notoriously long-lasting and incredibly durable. It also happens to be one of those fabrics that keeps on coming back, summer after summer. The cuts might vary, but linen as a material is no doubt timeless.


    How to Wear Linen Pants

    Linen Pants

    Wearing linen pants can be a little tricky, especially if you want to look professional or elegant. But when there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Tuck a relaxed blouse into your linen trousers to dress them up a little. As most linen pants come in neutral colours, don’t be afraid to dabble in a colorful print or pattern. It can make your attire look more feminine while ensuring that you can move comfortably.

    How to Wear A Linen Top

    Linen Tops

    As linen tends to be a fabric that easily creases, avoid tucking your linen top into a pair of trousers.

    For a complete look, grab a pair of comfortable but flattering trousers from Hampstead Bazaar and add a piece of statement jewellery. This feminine flair will give you a boho-chic look you’ll want to wear over and over again.

    Can I wear a top-to-bottom linen look?

    Linen top to bottom

    Yes, of course you can!

    Do take into consideration that it wrinkles, though. So, when you sit down, ensure that your skirt, trousers or top isn’t scrunched up behind your back. This head-to-toe look is especially appealing for hostesses at outdoor events. The linen will keep you cool and you’re sure to receive compliments on your trendy but timeless look.

    Top tip: Always remember to check the labels on your linen garments to avoid damaging the material in the wash. As with all Hampstead Bazaar clothing online, you’ll be able to find details for garment care on the tag.0

  • Top Tips for Wearing a Scarf This Summer

    In the anticipatory excitement for summer, we often forget that it can get chilly. Summer days are filled with brow sweat and the sweet joy of vitamin D. The nights, on the other hand, can get a little nippy. This is an excellent opportunity to whip out a great scarf.

    But the wonders of the accessory don’t end there. Chances are that you have been underestimating it and there are more ways to dress up in summer with a scarf than you might think.

    ladies scarf

    Alternative to a jacket on a chilly night

    Wear a shawl instead of a blazer for a feminine fun flair.

    This is an especially excellent option if you are attending a party in the evening. After all, a frumpy jacket or an over sized cardigan has the potential to ruin a beautiful summer outfit. Hampstead Bazaar clothing online boasts a wide selection of shawls that will warm you up at sundown or sunrise.

    Wear it as a layer

    Hampstead Summer Clothing

    Even though you have a jacket, sometimes summer nights are just chilly. Wear a shawl or scarf over your coat for a cute layered look. This is an excellent option if you have a favourite go-to denim jacket. If not, you should get one – it’s a timeless classic that you’ll never want to throw out.

    The key to layering is using as many light fabrics as possible. Take a look at Hampstead Bazaar shops or online if you’re looking for something light to layer your scarf with.

    Ladies summer hats – tie a silk scarf around one! 

    ladies wear

    At Hampstead Bazaar we think that ladies summer hats are underrated. You don’t need a fancy event to wear one, especially if the sun is out!

    If you happen to wear a ladies summer hat to an event, tie a silk scarf around the main head to add a fancy edge. Make sure that the silk scarf matches your outfit, though.

    Check out the Hampstead Bazaar collection of hats if you don’t have one yet. It’s never too late to add a statement hat to your wardrobe.

    Use it as a hair accessory

    Silk scarves for women can be used for more than sheer warmth. It’s a great way to accessorise, too. If you’re having a bad hair day (we all have them) start using accessories more. Add a trendy barrette into your locks, or tie a scarf around a low ponytail.

    If you have a cute short pixie cut, silk scarves for women can be used as a hairband. It will add a boho-chic feminine flair to your look. 

    Tie it around your neck

    This is the perfect season to wear a lovely linen summer dress with a scarf tied around your neck. We sell a lot of summer linen dresses at Hampstead Bazaar, particularly ones that are easy to accessorise.

    Do it like the French do and fold your scarf into a thin strip, creating a mature necklace-like accessory. Alternatively, you can fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck, leaving a point at the bottom.

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